17th November 2018

A Message To Landlords


Ever thought of standing in a room full of landlords and asking the following questions:

  • How involved in the management of your properties do you want to be?
  • Do you ever resent the fees you are paying to a letting agent on a monthly basis? 
(Especially when you have a good tenant)

Well here at Record Lettings we do things differently. We offer a “pay as you go” service where you can choose how involved you want us to be. This can be our comprehensive service letting you sit back whilst we do it all for you. It could be to just provide your tenants with a contact number and handling the calls for you.

No matter what level of service you require the quality of our service will be highly professional and you will only be charged for work done. We are happy to design a bespoke service that fits your needs and offers great value for money.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you manage your portfolio to the level of involvement YOU want then call us!


Our tenant call line service offers your tenant a dedicated mobile number. We charge £40 to initiate your tenant, a personal visit to explain how it works and leave written instructions. The tenant calls this number if there is an issue, we action the call, liaise with the landlord and resolve the situation. There is a fee per actionable call (£30) up to a maximum charge of 10% of the monthly rent. So the maximum you could pay is approximately the same as you pay now. If there are no calls you pay nothing. You can then relax knowing that your tenant has someone they can contact who is focussed on helping them.
Everything else you would expect your letting agent to do for their fees can be itemised so if you decide you want the rent paid into your account but would like someone to do the quarterly inspections then you just pay us for carrying out the inspections.

YOU decide.